Everything old is new again – Charlie’s Angels and Top Gun 2

Over the last few days they’ve sort-of announced that there will be a Top Gun 2 (from the mouth of Tom Cruise himself) and Elizabeth Banks has said there will be a new Charlie’s Angels film reboot slated for a 2019 release date.

Top Gun 2 Tom Cruise

There’s no question of whether we need these, we really don’t. Also just because you reboot a loved property doesn’t guarantee box-office success (see Point Break)

Top Gun, the original was oddly perfect. It was a little time capsule of early 80s young machismo and it might not render so well today. Not least because the best part about Top Gun was the homoerotic undercurrents between Iceman and Maverick, Tom Cruise is terrified – terrified – of being seen as gay. So how can that possibly work out?

I’m not ashamed to admit I really liked the original Charlie’s Angels movie reboot with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. It was also sort of perfect for its time, coinciding with the end of the Spice Girl era and sitting just right with the female empowerment coda of Destiny’s Child. If Elizabeth Banks is taking over in directing duties, it’s easy to see why Sony is giving her this gig after the success of Pitch Perfect. I begrudgingly accept the existence of this movie because here’s the rub – when was the last time we had a three female lead movie where the heroines kicked ass? (Does Ghostbusters count? The whining about it sunk it into obscurity.)


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