Twin Peaks 2017 – Episode 1 + 2: So much ominous whooshing

At two episodes in, it feels like David Lynch is trying to rewire the way we watch tv. We’re in a golden age of television, shows move exceptionally fast to try and establish characterisation and plot without losing the viewer, it’s even quicker now that the 22 episode season is no longer a thing. And thus when nothing happens on screen, we very easily turn to our iPads or our phones or at worst case, switch the show altogether.

Twin Peaks Season 3

With that in mind, Twin Peaks 2017 is really, really slow. I checked my clock at half an hour, we were three scenes in and two people were still staring vacantly at a glass box (it’s funny because we are also people staring at a glass box waiting for something to happen. David Lynch, what a comedian). Perhaps David wants us to put down our phones and absorb the atmosphere that is Twin Peaks, however it’s 2017 and man, I’m not sure I have the patience when I have 17 other shows queued up. 

Last time, we had one storyline and now it appears that we have three (which could possibly be one you never know). Dale Cooper is stuck in limbo, while his body is possessed by Bob who is doing… something? The murder of Heather Davenport and whether Matthew Lillard did it and the murderous time-loopy glass box in New York.

Lest I sound complaining:

  • The sound quality is excellent. Lots of pops, whooshes and screeches. The subtitles people had fun with it.
  • Dale Cooper!
  • I was fairly thrilled to see Sheryl Lee. I was even more thrilled to see Sheryl Lee and Dale Cooper making out, together.
  • I sort of enjoyed how Lynchian the acting is, very heightened and surreal.


  • The effects were terrible. Possibly DL wanted to keep it in line with 90s effects, but they yanked me right out of the show. If it were any other director, the audience would have roasted him without question. But because it’s David Lynch, he gets a lifetime pass.
  • Because the effects were not great, it made the scares much less effective. Come on this guy? He looks like the mime who stands outside the Sydney Opera House.

Twin Peaks Prison Guy - not scary









  • Wow, they killed a lot of women in various, violent ways. The one guy who did die, died off-screen after evil Cooper gave him a cheek massage. That’s exactly how it sounds.
  • I sort of didn’t enjoy how Lynchian the acting is, very heightened and surreal.

All in all, it’s not a bad show certainly. It’s very .. abstract and if you’re into 90s nostalgia and love shaking puzzle boxes then this should be right up your alley. However there is no way that I could sit through 16 more (!) episodes of it, despite desperately wanting to see Michael Cera and David Duchovny do their thing. I no longer have the attention span for it and I wonder how many other people will stick around to the very end of the season.

DavidDuchovny_Twin Peaks 2017



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