Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the cover of Vanity Fair

Every year Vanity Fair gets a boatload of flak for their Hollywood Issue cover. The inevitable question is: where are all the people of colour?

So it’s with great, toe-wiggling satisfaction that I present you with this:

Star Wars Vanity Fair Cover 3

There are people of colour on a Vanity Fair cover. Someone needs to take a temperature, Conde Nast may be feeling unwell. Can we take a moment to talk about how quietly momentous this is? Kelly Marie Tran is the FIRST Asian woman to appear on the front page cover of Vanity Fair.  She’s not even in a kimono or wearing a qipao or doing a dumb karate move. She just looks like a boss. I might actually be crying a little bit.

Speaking of crying, the first cover will also do the trick. Oh Carrie, you’re so missed.

Star Wars Vanity Fair Leia


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