Trailer thoughts: Star Trek Discovery


Let me first reserve judgement for the show itself, because that trailer is awful.

Someone needs to take that trailer editor out back and hand them their termination papers.

  • Firstly, what is that song? Diet M83? It’s not great.
  • Secondly, there’s no suspense, no hook for us to go forward. They’ve pretty much told us the entire arc in 1:20
  • There’s no way you need that much narrative/explanation text, you have a ready-made fan base.
  • At 0:55 I think we’re supposed to be afraid of Klingon hands, we grew up on a steady diet of Alien movies, Klingon hands do not scare us. It’s even less ominous placed over that diet electro tune.
  • 1:15 we’ve established that Sonequa Martin-Green is a badass, do we need her to pose in front of a green screen to establish attractiveness? It looks.. contrived.

I hand on heart love the idea of Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green leading this, but this trailer paints the show in the worst possible light. Let’s wait til the show happens, shall we?


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