The return of Arrested Development S5 and why we can’t let a good thing go

It is undisputed that everyone loves the first three seasons of Arrested Development. Everyday around the world, people quote endlessly at each other:

  • I’ve made a huge mistake
  • Her?
  • I think I just blue myself
  • There’s always money in a banana stand
  • He didn’t


That love carried our high hopes into a rebooted season 4 and then dropped it like a baby on the ground. Season 4 was objectively speaking, problematic – they took out all of the interaction that makes Arrested Development fun (particularly the reaction faces) and made everyone mug by themselves by giving them individual episodes. The yaysayers said, “Watch it til the end, it all comes together in episode 15!” – I don’t know about you but I made it through six, I don’t have time to sit through nine more(!) episodes in the hope that it gets mindblastingly funny – that is more leeway than you would give any other series.

And so it went quiet, people pretended that Season 4 didn’t actually happen and life went on for everyone (Jason Bateman, I’m never forgiving you for Office Christmas Party).  There were murmurs and now it’s confirmed that everyone is coming back for Season 5 for 17 episodes. I get it, we love the Bluths and we want them to come back to make us laugh the way they did the first time around. Human beings are made from Skittles and hope. But sometimes you just have to let that baby bird go – lest that baby bird mutate into The Simpsons Season 28.

The Simpsons is a prime example of a beloved show that has run itself into the ground by refusing to go when it was supposed to and by doing so has absolutely dimmed its cultural legacy. The first 8 seasons were genius but what do you call a show that’s released 20 years of iffy output since?

So let’s hope that Season 5 comes good, but if not, Mitch Hurwitz please let it go. Don’t turn our love into apathy.


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