The return of Will & Grace

Ooh, I feel like I should be excited for some Sean Hayes punnery but comedy has come such a long way since the 2000s. While I loved to see them reunited, that trailer (five minutes!) did not make me feel the show was going somewhere new. On the other hand, look at Mike and Molly, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, maybe people don’t want edgy and cultural in their sitcoms.

It wasn’t that long ago that Will and Grace was considered ground-breaking, these days with everything going on, Will and Grace are a safe space. They’re a throwback to simpler times.

They’re in their recognisable New York apartment, making jokes at each other and solving their problems in 20 minutes. Compared to everything else on the news, Will and Grace are wiffle balls. It might be smarter for ratings that NBC doesn’t mess with the formula too much.


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