Who is the next celebrity president? Vote now!

So there is a good chance that none of us will be here in 2020 because Putin, Trump and Kim will aim their big boys toys at each other and we’ll all go out in a blazing, smoking fireball.

The Rock for President GQ

And with that cheery thought, let’s look at some of the bonkers celebrity names being bandied about for the 2020 US election.


Oprah for president

She didn’t flat-out deny that she was looking at running. To be honest, I don’t think Oprah would make a half-bad candidate, she hasn’t run any of her businesses into the ground (plus!), she seems to care about people of all wealth classes, she has a really large fanbase made up of all kinds of people and generally she seems sensible. Also Michelle Obama will probably give her some excellent advice.

Net worth: $2.9 billion

Chances: Not bad


Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg for president

Mark also has not flat out denied looking at running. And he’s clearly capable of running big companies and working around the clock. He’s young, he has lot of energy, deep, deep pockets to play with and lately he’s been working on more than a few altruistic projects. HOWEVER, he has a likeability problem and is missing that whiz-bang charm that makes Americans vote. Also I suspect that many people would be overly suspicious that he may use their data eventually for nefarious purposes (he probably is already, to be honest)

Net worth: $62.9 billion

Chances: Bad


The Rock

The Rock for president

If this were to go to poll tomorrow against the Zuck and Oprah, the Rock would be the next president. People just like him. He tests well with young, old, male, female, everyone. But two things, he has never run a giant corporation before much less a country (I’m sure he could learn, he’s a legendarily hard worker) and he seems to be made out of sunshine and Skittles. Politics is back-breaking, soul-destroying work, I don’t want the Rock to go in and be a hollowed-out human husk after his stint of trying to navigate Israeli-Palestinian politics.

Net worth: $125 million

Chances: Great. Please don’t do it.


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