Roseanne is coming back as a TV series

It doesn’t seem like the TV series reboot is doing that well. Case in point, the Gilmore Girls and the X-Files just couldn’t overcome the overwhelming nostalgia that those shows bring. It doesn’t mean that they were bad necessarily but they expectations were so high that anything less than sublime was bound to be a disappointment. Let us hope they never bring back Buffy (and the less said about the Full House reboot the better).

Roseanne Reboot TV Show

So along those heels of that, comes the news that Roseanne is coming back as an eight episode series – no network announced as yet because they’re still bidding but Roseanne herself, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert are all signed on. Folks, I have a bad feeling about this one.

Are they going to be Trump voters? Are they going to dedicate an episode to health insurance? Are they going to joke about the internet and the alt-right? That will be old before it’s even written. Will Dan rise up from the dead? Because they killed him off in the original last season. Can they possibly lure back Johnny Galecki considering he has a very tight Big Bang schedule and enough money to shoot Hunter S Thompson out of a cannon?

All signs point to bad idea, that show was seminal 90s, plunking them in a 2017 scenario is going to be jarring at the least. No-one wants to see Troy and Lelaina grow up and get themselves a mortgage.


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