Johnny Depp’s insane spending habits 

Johnny Depp is reportedly going broke. I guess Vanessa Paradis took some and Amber Heard took some ($7m but he’s reluctant to hand it over I hear), there’s a chunk on property and blowing Hunter Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon cost $3m. Bits and pieces have come together to decimate the total of $400m over his career.

Johnny Depp Sauvage

And now he’s being sued by his ex-managers for more money, so he’s having a terrible time lately.

So here’s what I think a) it is his money and he can make it rain out of a cannon if he wants to or as he so eloquently puts it “If I want to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day, it’s my thing.”

b) Johnny Depp has been a bonafide celebrity over the last thirty years, a celebrity who oddly prides himself on not giving a shit about material things. Does anyone else expect him to be deeply out of touch with how money works? To us, $3m is money that we will never see in our lifetimes and to him $3m is chump change. And so is it little wonder that there is none left?

If Johnny was really worried, he would pull his thumb out, sell all those assets, buy some affordable apartment in New York (or Montana if he’s sick of everyone) and live out the rest of his life in relative peace. But is this deeply-out-of-touch actor going to do that? No. I suspect that JD thinks it’s much more romantic to go out like a flame than to settle down begrudgingly in a lifestyle he can sustain.


One thought on “Johnny Depp’s insane spending habits 

  1. Roseanne is coming back as a TV series – POP CULTURE SNACKS

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