Put down your pitchforks for Wes Anderson’s Isle of dogs

It has been an interesting year for Asians in Hollywood movies, Matt Damon in Great Wall, Scarlett Johannson in Ghost in the Shell, Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange..

The sheer number of thinkpieces on Scarlett in Ghost in the Shell alone has been exhausting. That in itself is a good thing right? At least there is awareness that whitewashing is being noticed and that people will vote for their feet.
Isle of Dogs Movie Poster

That being said, we are a little sensitive at the moment. We’re a lot sensitive and we’re at this point willing to pull a pitchfork out for anything – years of Duk Dong Ho are getting to us. Case in point, the new Wes Anderson poster has rolled out for Isle of Dogs.  We don’t know anything about it, other than it’s stop motion, it has a killer cast (that hilariously includes both Tilda and Scarlett – incidentally making the Asian community break out in hives) and it’s about a boy looking for his dogs in Japan. Truly that’s all we know.

Oh, and the poster has Japanese characters, it’s making people on Twitter antsy already.

But it could mean anything. There’s no context for the design.

I’m starting to be of the mind that if we scream for anything and everything that eventually we won’t be taken seriously for the matters that really count. And Japanese characters on a movie poster is not one of those things, you can hang your outrage hat on. It just isn’t. Save your energy for the actual movie if it’s deserving and hold tight for April 2018.

Isle of Dogs Movie



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