The fabulous clothes on Big Little Lies

Hold up! Spoilers ahead for Big Little Lies. If you haven’t read the book or watched the show, I advise you to turn around and do one of those things before proceeding.

Celeste - Intro coat

Ready for a discussion on clothes?

What Big Little Lies does is fill a Nancy Meyer-shaped hole in my life. This show is all about insanely beautiful houses and everyone wearing cute wine cardigans while trying not to kill each other. Personally, while I still prefer Meryl’s kitchen (forever in my heart), there are seven hours of interior and exterior madness to look at.

Madeline/Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is damn tiny, and she’s even tinier when paired next to Nicole Kidman (1.8m) and Shailene (1.73m). Madeline has a need to be seen and made her presence felt –  she does this with a boat ton of florals and feminine coloured coats.

Madeline - Purple floral

Actually, the entire cast hits it hard on the florals but it’s particularly Madeline with the loudest (yet tasteful) prints. Presumably the costume designer wanted to juxtapose that pirate mouth with the most feminine dresses she could find. You can swear like a teamster and no-one would ever mistake you as not being a lady.

Madeline - Mauve Coat

See what I mean about the height thing? Shailene is in flats and Reese is in sky-high heels but there’s still a head between them. I love that coat.

Madeline - PInk blouse

I wonder how many of Madeline’s clothes are Reese’s own brand? Some of it is realllly close to what she’s selling instore.

Madeline Floral Yellow

More florals with a cute blazer.

Madeline - Yellow floral w blazer

And another look, but this one with a mustard cardigan on top. I read an article where they called this outfit frumpy. That person needs to go have their eyes tested for macular degeneration. Anyway.

Madeline - Boots

Last but not least, I was eyeing these boots the entire time. I luff them, I want to dedicate my life to them.

Nicole Kidman/Celeste

Speaking of boots. Look at this image again!

Celeste - Intro coat

Nicole Kidman also kindly giving us a great view of her amazing boots. So as to not completely clash with Madeline, the designer dressed Celeste in a lot of neutrals. You’ll notice that Celeste doesn’t actually show that much skin (with her friends) presumably to hide all the bruising. Celeste also dresses in a lot of florals but they are way more muted than Maddies.

Celeste - beige cardigan

She looks so great and yet there’s something hopelessly impractical about a beige cardigan and trying to mother two six-year olds.

Celeste - beige dress

Celeste - beige dress 2

My friends and I visibly gasped when we saw this dress. Nicole looks like an absolute goddess. We also had to cover our eyes, because we were worried that Perry was going to hit her and get blood on it. Don’t ruin the beautiful dress, Perry you asshole.

Celeste - Therapy dress 2

This was also a monster of a dress. I was distracted by it during the entire scene. Here’s a close-up.

Celeste - Therapy dress

It’s so beautiful and probably costs 4 months rent for Jane/Shailene.

Celeste - Pink Therapy dress

And another neutral floral with beige cardigan at therapy. I think if floral prints aren’t for you, you’d do well to stay way away from this show.

Celeste - Lawyer Suit

Ok, this wasn’t my favourite outfit, but it’s a nice pick-up from the costume designer. Nicole/Celeste generally wears flowy, loose-fitting clothing but when she feels back in control, she’ll return to the more structured pieces. And also, only Nicole could pull off a giant neck bow, anyone else with a less graceful neck would be dwarfed.

Shailene Woodley/Jane

These two guys wrote an excellent article on why Jane dresses the way she does, and so I don’t really have much more to say than Jane wore a lot of flannel and plaid and that’s fine, I get it.

She doesn’t have the income of the other two and she has more pressing things to think about. Also if you were sick of flower prints by ep 2, you would probably welcome Jane with open arms.

Jane - Flannel

Can we talk about this?

Jane - Blue dress back

Jane - blue dress front

I love, love, love this dress. And I cannot find anything about it online. Which also makes sense, because who wants to go out and buy a rape-y dress? I’m sorry that this dress has been ruined forever by the taint of sexual-assault, I’m sure it would be much more popular if not.

Did you love Big Little Lies? Was it clothes porn-y enough or were you more taken with the houses?


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