Rooney Mara/Mary Magdalene makes smoking look cool

I know nothing about this movie. There’s no wiki on it, there’s barely an IMDB – just a tentative November 2017 release date and a blurb about it being the story of Mary Magdalene (I do heart Chiwitel playing Peter. He’s going to blow the dual roles of guilty/defensive Peter. I luff him all the way back from Love Actually.)

Rooney Mara Mary Magdalene Cigarette

Anyway, images have been released of Rooney Mara having a cigarette as Jesus is on the cross above her. Fair play to her, it’s a stressful situation? Joaquin/Jesus/ possible stunt double is just casually hanging up there while she’s having a smoke.
Smoking is bad for you kids, but you must admit that she looks pretty great doing it.

Okay, what do you think? Are you sold on Rooney Mara as a bad-ass Mary Magdalene?


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