Someone stole Drake’s soft drinks from his fridge

Things that make you go hmmm: when you’re a world-famous rapper and someone breaks into your house and steals/drinks a Sprite, Fiji water and a Pepsi but not your 5000 Grammys (Kendall, are you involved?? Who the hell drinks Pepsi.)

Drake soft drink

24 year old Mesha Collins was arrested for felony residential burglary after somehow finding her way into Drake’s house and uh, going through his fridge. Breaking and entering is thirsty work, I guess?

Mesha is being held on $100,000 bail (what.) and is scheduled for an April 19 court date. The lesson here is if you’re feeling klepto and desperate for a drink, try tap water. Tap water is your friend and in most cases, will keep you out of jail.


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