Harry Styles acts like your perfect ex-boyfriend

Our boy Harry, has this week shown himself to have a much more well-placed head than people ordinarily give boy band members credit for, when he gave an interview to Cameron Crowe (!) for Rolling Stone.

Harry Styles Rolling Stone

Smart move 1: Don’t kick your base away

Harry Styles teen girls

Harry is 100% smarter than 5SOS who disdained the love of their fans – Harry knows where his bread is buttered and those teenage girls are eventually going to be young adults who carry his career forward into the 2020s (unless he crashes and burns, please don’t crash and burn.) Don’t use the word sick again, please.

Smart move 2: A shout out to my girl Tay

He also dedicated a little thoughtfulness to Tay and somehow single-handedly rehabilitated his image as the magnanimous ex-boyfriend.

Harry Styles Taylor Swift quotes

Do I believe he believes that? Not necessarily. Is it the smart thing to do and say? Uh, yes. He comes across as gracious and not hung-up on something that happened five years ago. He avoids pissing off her fans (which in a venn diagram heavily overlaps with his own). He also avoids a potential songwriting pissing contest, which absolutely nobody wants (what say you John Mayer??)

Smart move 3: Being nice-ish to your bitter ex-bandmate

Harry Styles Zayn Quote

He also magnaminoused Zayn. He can afford to, I cannot be the only one who thinks Zayn doesn’t have the constitution to deal with fame. That kid is going to flame out soon and not in a good way.

Smart move 4: A perfectly pitched and timed interview with Rolling Stone

Well, where else was he going to go to launch his new career as a solo artist? Pitchfork? Vanity Fair? And I love Cameron Crowe but he doesn’t really do assassination pieces. All Harry had to do was not go off the the rails for a few days, not say anything particularly dumb (harder than it looks), not go to the Chateau Marmont and party it up – although he did mention a tequila-themed birthday? But it was a likeable tequila-themed birthday. If it had been La Lohan, she would have been alcohol shamed til she was a smudge.

So what do we think? Are we all convinced that Styles is the real deal now?



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