Coachella 2017 clothes watch

Prior warning: If you’re allergic to short shorts, you need to turn away now.

Anyway let’s check in with what everyone is wearing

Firstly, Kenny!

Kendall Jenner Coachella 2017

Our fave Kardashian-Jenner was at Coachella, and media outlets are being told to ix-it-nay on the Pepsi questions otherwise they’ll be persona non grata forever. You would think Kenny would put down the mikes anyway for a weekend if she knew what was good for her..

Also what’s good for her is that Kenny is getting sun smart. A wide brimmed hat, long sleeved shirt, high-waisted pants.. I can only assume that sequinned sleeve is super uncomfortable and itchy in the heat and will be thrown off later when there is actual dancing.


Hailee Steinfeld Coachella 2017

I like this outfit from Hailee. I’m digging the matching boots and lipstick. It’s not very Coachella, but the minimum requisite is short shorts right? And those shorts are short.


Selena Gomez Coachella 2017

Aw, Selena and the Weeknd. Does anyone else think this is going to last forever? No hands? Okay. I worry he has a musician’s temperament and she’s going to go off to marry some venture capitalist. Anyway let’s get a closer look at Selena’s dress.

Selena Gomez Coachella Dress 2017

It’s 90s sweet, in a way that no-one else at this festival would or could pull off – I like that there’s no sequins or bling to it at all. Also, because I’m old, I am super happy that Selena is wearing comfortable shoes.


SZA Coachella 2017

I don’t know what an SZA is, but this looks comfy if hoiked a little high.


Kehlani Coachella 2017.png

I have nothing to say about her outfit, except that are jumpers around the waist coming back as a thing? Also no-one ever, ever needs woke tattooed on their hand. Kids.


Vanessa Hudgens Coachella 2017

I like this in a matchy matchy way. Terrible to dance in, but if you’re standing around to be admired – this outfit will do.


Katy Perry Coachella 2017

Katy’s new hair looks a lot like Kristen Stewart hair.. and shilling for Nike now? Why?


Rihanna Coachella 2017

We’re going to end here on Rihanna’s diamond encrusted bodysuit. Everyone else can go home. She wins Coachella.


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