Whatcha wearing? Katy Perry on the cover of Vogue

This is my 2nd Katy post in a week so let’s assume she’s on a PR tear over the next few months.

Katy Perry Vogue Magazine 2017

Objectively speaking, she looks great. The blonde hair pops, the dress is relatable plus correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the first time there’s been a nose ring on an American Vogue cover? Viva la piercings.

I guess the question is, on what is Vogue trying to do exactly (besides sell me on the new Paula Hawkin’s novel – in which why. Why.) It looks like they’re trying to reposition Katy as a style icon, especially with her upcoming co-chair for the Met Gala. Uh, I have bad news Vogue, you cannot reposition if you’ve never been in position! I cannot think of a single iconic Katy outfit in the last ten years unless you count the cupcakes/whipped cream confection and even then I cannot tell you if she was in a skirt or shorts.

A quick Google search gives me a lot of blue hair (and I like the blue hair!) and a lot of outfits that incorporate things like carousels, film reels, cupcakes, dice... Am I wrong? I think it’s probably a lot of fun to dress like Katy Perry, but man, she’s not known for her style.

Final thoughts:



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