Meet your new Dumbledore

Well he meets minimum aesthetic physical requirements.Jude Law as your new Dumbledore

Plus people keep banging on about his receding hairline so I guess he could hide it under some cute wizard’s hat.

Also he’s English, an English accent covers a multitude of sins.

But. When I think of Dumbledore, the first word that comes to mind isn’t suave. Er, I don’t see Dumbledore getting the ladies. Dumbledore is kind, wise and kind of nerdy. Jude Law knows he’s bloody good looking and projects that in a way that could potentially be incongruous to a portrayal of Albus. Actually, do you know who would make a great young Dumbledore? Eddie Redmayne. Hmm, well they really botched that up didn’t they.

What do you think? How much do you love your young Dumbledore?


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