Harry Styles just released Sign of the times. Your move, 1D

Dear lord, I do not know what to do with this song. 

Excuse the language, but it fucking blew my socks off. Somewhere in Nashville, my girl Tay’s eye twitched at Harry positioning himself as the new motherforking general of Britpop.

It’s shades of Bowie, it’s shades of Queen, I think I can hear some Keane in there. There’s a background riff that pounds all of my nostalgia buttons. There’s six minutes of a choir slowly simmering and then crescendoing into a wall of sound. Plus for all that, his voice is. wow.

Welcome to the sign of the times. If the rest of the album is as strong as this, bow down all – Harry scorched the earth for his fellow bandmates – how can they compete?


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