Possibly Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller are dating

Rampant speculation abounds.

According to Page Six, Brad and Sienna were seen at a Lost City of Z party, flirting and “talking a lot”.

That could mean anything, I mean I spend a lot of time talking to convenience store clerks and taxi drivers, that doesn’t necessarily entail dating.

But let’s for speculation’s sake say they are:

Do you think this enrages Holy Mother Angie? Or do you think this secretly strengthens her case? In the middle of a dirty divorce and custody battle, I’m toting our seven children around the world with a halo around my head and he clearly is more concerned with boning Sienna?

I honestly don’t think this is a PR stunt to rehabilitate his image, because of all people why pick Sienna?? I’m sorry Sienna, you have a reputation for trouble. The two of them together will equal paparazzi mess. Ryan will no longer have to worry about helicopters over his place.

There are “better”, more maternal matches if this is a rehab job (haha, how about Jennifer Garner? Imagine the thousands of children) but what if it’s not a rehab job and it’s a watch-my-movie thing by the studios? Are we all marching to see Lost City of Z on this?

I haven’t even touched on the option that he could just really like her and she could be impossibly charming. Maybe she is!

Lastly, whoever he dates next for the long term has to be okay with a) dating the Brad Pitt and b) the intense comparisons that will come with the former Mrs Ange and Jen. Someone with no self-esteem will crumble like a cookie. God, maybe he should just go the Matt Damon route and date an ordinary person who doesn’t care about these things.


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