Sigh. Janet Jackson and her husband have split

Right on the heels of having a baby at 50(!) Janet Jackson has split with her billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana.

Janet Jackson Control

It is never dull times in the Jackson household. If we’re talking why, the reasons are purportedly because he was too controlling plus he was supporting the elder abuse of her mum Katherine Jackson by her nephew Trent*. I repeat, there are no dull moments in the Jackson household, everything is always dialled up to eleven. I wonder if they get exhausted or maybe they’re just used to it.

I really want to lay all of Janet’s choices at the feet of her father Joe Jackson (Man, he has done a number on all of those kids) but she’s 50(!) years old, eventually she has to acknowledge that some of those choices have been her own**.

Where are Janet’s friends who can give her a little shake over coffee, to say “Woman, he is bad news. Go the other way. Other way.”


*For a minute there, I thought Trent was from 3T. Not him. Carry on.

**I am also in no way excusing emotional abuse from anyone. I just hope for Janet’s sake that she can recognise her patterns.


One thought on “Sigh. Janet Jackson and her husband have split

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