There’s going to be a Twins sequel called Triplets

“We are just now working on Triplets, that is on top of the list, for me. Because I’ve been trying to do that for 20 years. Ivan Reitman believes in it. Danny DeVito believes in it — who always believed in it — and Eddie Murphy believes in it. It’s going to be terrific! So, we are looking forward to that.” – Arnold Schwarznegger

Twins Movie Image

I have a friend who has been complaining about lack of originality and the sheer volume of  movie remakes lately. Fine, he has a point. Yes, we 100% don’t need a sequel to Twins. I’m fairly wary of Eddie Murphy showing up in a fat suit. I’m even warier of another attempt to translate 80s humour and sensibilities to anything in 2017 (National Lampoon, I’m looking at you.) Those producers are counting on your nostalgia, with bonus side love of Arnold, to take home a big wad of cash.

The overall sentiment on the interwebs is that this movie is ..not needed. But when the time comes, is everyone going to plonk money down to see it? It’s very, very likely. The desire to relive your childhood is going to overcome your logical reasoning that this is going to be terrible.


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