Whatcha wearing? Amy Schumer on Instyle

Wow. There’s a lot to unpack here.

Amy Schumer Instyle

First of all let me caveat this, by acknowledging that I have an internal bias against Instyle covers. They always look photoshopped to sh!t so you can take my wah wah wahs with a grain of salt. New look and feel of cover, same designer photoshopping Amy’s face into something ..lineless. Truly, they’ve clone stamped her face dry.

So let the unpacking begin 

  • They have a new editor, Laura Brown who is trying to take Instyle into a new direction, that new direction appears to be Cosmopolitan magazine.
  • I really like that they have gone with Amy for the cover and not Gwyneth for the 100,000th time. However, Instyle audiences are tried and true Gwyneth lovers, I wonder if this has completely spun them out. I’d be interested to be how the sales figures go for this cover.
  • Those are some generic as biscuit call-outs – “cool pieces to look hot”. With those lines, it looks like they are truly counting on Amy to sell everything out of this. They’ve given up on writing!
  • If we’re ignoring the clear photoshopping, Amy looks pretty fabulous. It’s a great swimsuit.
  • The editors of all fashion magazines have gotten together to decide armpits are in for the summer.
  • I 100% don’t know where to go with Amy’s boobs. They’re just so there. My eyes keep trying to go to her face, but they keep getting drawn back down to her boobs. This Instyle cover is turning us all into leches.





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