The many accessories of Belle in Beauty and the Beast

So overall this movie was not very good. It was a little on substance and a lot on spectacle.

Pretty to look at but don’t start pulling the threads or the entire jumper falls apart (ie. how far away is that damned castle anyway and why did no-one in the village notice it before Gaston pointed it out?)

For someone incredibly low maintenance, Belle wore quite a few bits and pieces. Onto the accessories!

The boots

The boots are perfect for her outfit right? Practical for riding horses, fighting off unsuitable suitors, rescuing fathers. Stylish and doable with a pair of ankle jeans.

 The hair ribbon

That is a perfectly placed hair ribbon. It really is.

Here’s another image from far away. I don’t have the hair for it, can only be attempted for people without bangs and or highly active lifestyles.

See pretty right?

The Necklace

We’re coming in for a close up

How pretty is that? Too be honest it’s not very.. Belle. It’s overly fussy for her don’t you think? The designer was thinking of things that organically grew around castles. But speaking of things that are not very Belle..

The Ear Cuff

Oh I love this and I want one for myself. However it seemed really anachronistic for 1800s France (correct me if I’m wrong history buffs, but were ear cuffs a thing back then?) and the designer wanted to add a more modern spin to her look – but she really didn’t need it.

Honourable mentions:

  • Belle’s leather necklace
  • The wedding hair clip
  • Gaston’s tricorn hat
  • The beautiful pinky purple cape
  • Ariana’s’ ridiculously gorgeous red dress in the video clip
  • The feathered cap on Plumette’s head

Did I miss anything?


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