Oh Kendall, what have you done?

I have a soft spot for Kendall out of all the Kardashians. She just seems more reasonable, I don’t know why. Girl, you need to take this shit up with your agent.

Which is why we need to talk about the decision to star in this ad. Dear God, it’s so incredibly dumb.

I spent a bit of time trying to describe to a friend objectively what happens in the clip (no adjectives) and there was no way that it didn’t come across as completely tone deaf.

Firstly, wow. Is Kendall ever the wrong brand to advocate for protesting. She is, what you would describe, as the reasonable Jenner, but still in her entire career, I have never heard her advocate for anything even remotely political. Try baby steps. So there’s your first major misstep. 

Secondly, which creative agency lost their minds thinking they should associate soft drink with politics. No one thinks about soft drinks at protests (fire, riots, placards, pepper spray) unless they’re at a sugar tax protest of some sort. Please bring back Britney dancing.

Thirdly, Pepsi doesn’t give two hoots about protests and it is so, so cynical for them to even pretend to do so to sell soda. Black Lives Matter sponsored by Pepsi!

Fourthly, the content of this piece! It’s so problematic to watch her hand a can of Pepsi to a police officer like soft drink is the new emblem of peace. Sigh. Why.

I don’t think all the blame should be heaped on Kendall (although I’m sure her poor Twitter/Instagram is taking a beating today). A good chunk of that needs to go to the Pepsi execs who thought this was a great idea and approved it as a go-er.

Also sorry, not sorry Pepsi, but you still don’t taste as good as Coke.


Good job Pepsi, it is the best way to handle the flames of outrage.

Pepsi Apology


One thought on “Oh Kendall, what have you done?

  1. Outrage over Kim Kardashian’s blackface is giving me redface – POP CULTURE SNACKS

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