I don’t understand why I should love Bella Hadid

Walking past random signage today:


Wait, is that Bella Hadid? I’m sorry Hadidites, but I don’t get the hype. What am I missing? She’s pretty, but she doesn’t light my world on fire. Especially as model of the year for 2016 or whatever.
I don’t want to pull out the dreaded N word (nepotism folks, not the other one) but feel free, come at me. What is it I’m not seeing?

By the way, 1500 hours in heels is not an achievement, I mean it is technically, but I know plenty of women who have done 1500 hours and more, so come on Tag, be a bit more smart about your Comms, because what you’re actually telling us is that Bella has never actually struggled for much. 


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